About Us

Tomgirl Tours was designed by a self-proclaimed “tomgirl”. Upon returning from a business venture to St. John with friends, she was reminded of the sheer joy of exploration, physical adventure, and connection she experienced as a young girl.

As a woman who loves to travel, learn about new destinations and cultures, and share fun and excitement with other like-minded women, it seemed very natural for her to turn vacations into a vocation and TomgirlTours was created.

We also operate our company with a cause. We believe in supporting foundations that focus on issues which really matter to us such as women’s health through the National Breast Cancer Foundation www.nbcf.org and protecting the natural environment in St. John Virgin Islands through The Friends of Virgin Islands National Park www.friendsvinp.org. We are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to these very important causes throughout the year.

Meet Tomgirl Tours’ Founder and CEO

“Vacation adventure travel activates my childhood memories of being outdoors and exploring and expanding my physical abilities in the beautiful natural environments of New England. I was the quintessential ‘tomboy’ in my family, having five older brothers and two sisters to show me the great outdoors. I grew up on a farm where summers were filled with swimming and fishing in the creeks that flowed through the woods around our farm and endless hours exploring the fish hatcheries near our home. I helped plant crops, raced around the farm on my mini-bike, and honed my skills as an excellent “marks girl”. In winter, we skated all day along those same creeks, climbed the long, limber snow-covered birch trees, slipped down snowy hills on our flexible flyer sleds, and glided on skis across the ponds and fields.

I adore the outdoors and continue to cultivate that into adulthood as my ‘tomish’ nature evolves to a ‘tomgirl” (see definition). I continued my outdoor pursuits and have skied, and snowshoed the mountains of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, zip lined through rain forests and snow-covered mountains, and completed 40-foot fire walks in Hawaii. I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and seen its splendor from the skies in a helicopter, snorkeled the reefs of Aruba, Bahamas, and St John, and run dozens of 5k races around New England.

Through extensive travel both personally and business, I fell in love with every aspect of it, especially nature and learning new things. My food experience comes through taking culinary courses at Johnson & Wales as a business student, working as food and beverage manager for five years and serving as program manager for a successful New England tour event called Cook-N-Tour, Rhode Island.

I’ve spent the last 25 years as an executive in medium and large corporations leading customer service, business operations, and sales organizations.

Most importantly, I am the proud mom of my dear son, Jesse. I love yoga, meditation, reading and spending time with family and friends.”