What Does Your Profile On Match.Com Say About You?

You must have heard that first impressions are what last longest. This means that the first thing people see about you is what they will have as a lasting impression in their minds. It is, therefore, important that the profile that you post on Match.com tells your story the way you would like it to be told. Only post a profile that gives out what you want others to know about you while at the same time leaving something for the imagination.

Your photo

If you do not have a picture on your profile, you can rest assured that most of the people who see your profile don’t bother to know anything about you. A profile without a picture is probably only 20% complete. Did you hear that a picture is worth a thousand words? Take that into account when posting your profile. Find a good photo that shows you at your best, even if it means posing for a professional photographer. You can also find more about how to choose pictures on Youtube.com and follow some tips.

What is your headline?

Most online dating sites like Match.com will ask you to post a headline to your profile. Make sure you have a headline that is a lot more interesting, catchy, and funny than ‘Looking for you’! This is what will motivate a person who already likes your picture to feel the need to know you better. A catchy headline will show that you are an interesting person to be with.

What you need to know about the ‘about me’ section

Match.com as well as other sites will ask you to fill this section. This is where you now let people into a bit of your life. It is not supposed to be a ‘tell-all’ section. Just give a glimpse of what you are like in a fun and interesting way. For someone who has gone this far into your profile, it is worthwhile to keep him or her on your profile a little longer.

The perfect match section

The trick here is not to appear to be too choosy. Describe in broad terms the kind of person you would like to match with. While you know what you want, you need to gain some visitors, and you will have all the time to whittle down those that are interested in a smaller number. This is what you should do on Match.com and on such other sites.

What is your current lifestyle like?

For people who are still on your profile at this point, they definitely want to know you a little more still. Tell them about your current lifestyle including information like where you are, if you have a job, car, pets, all that. Apart from knowing about your lifestyle, the visitors at Match.com will also start weeding themselves out if your lifestyle and theirs don’t rhyme.

Almost all people you meet online want somebody who is fun to hang around with. Match.com will ask you for suggestions of your ‘first date.’ Here you need to post an interesting place where the opportunities of having fun are many. Meet interesting people by posting a well thought out profile.

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